Åbergs Museum

Åberg’s Museum located in Balsta, north of Stockholm, owned by Lasse Åberg and is a fantastic day out. We show high quality, series inspired art by the great artists in the pop genre, original series and one of the best Disney collection with antique items from 1928 to 1940. For children there is a three-storey Trazan- and Banarnekoja and out a fun playground. Besides this, there are restaurant, outdoor cafe, shop, conference room and shop.

We have worked with Conevo (hub) since 2002, when we needed a website. After the first meeting, we felt immediately a trust that proved to be right. 10 years later is still our solid partner Web partners. Each issue is resolved quickly, good and affordable. V feel secure, well treated, well cared for and it is so nice to be able to say no to other suppliers with the assurance that through solid partner get honest answers and good practices.

Carina Aberg
President Åberg’s Museum


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