We are very proud of all the tasks we have been entrusted with since we started in 1997. There are more than 100 companies on the list, and many of them we are still working with. On the home page you will find the logos of some of the brands and organizations we have worked with in the last two years.

Contact us at if you want to talk to some of our customers to know more about how it is to work with Conevo.

Åbergs Museum

“We have worked with Conevo (hub) since 2002, when we needed a website. After the first meeting, we felt immediately a trust that proved to be right. 10 years later is a Conevo remains our web partners. Each issue is resolved quickly, good and at reasonable costs. we feel secure, well treated, well cared for and it is so nice to be able to say no to other suppliers with the assurance that through solid partner get honest answers and good practices. ”

Carina Åberg,President Åbergs Museum


“Working with Conevo is incredibly simple, honest and professional. We have clear guidelines what comes between us. We are on our fourth year with them and hope there will be many more. We especially appreciate the personal and above all fast feedback questions and emails. ”

Karolina Stålenbring, Co-owner of Mambojambo AB


“A great commitment and reliable delivery has made me repeat selected Conevo as a provider of web and software development.”

Daniel Persson Cirera,Manager Map.

“We at working with a few suppliers that we have long-standing relationships with. Conevo has been our partner for many years. Of all the things we like about them is probably the personal, warm – and genuine – commitment from them which means that we continue to be delighted customers. ”

Fredrik Härén,

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